Sunday, June 22, 2014


My multi-week southwest backpacking trip with friends turned into a roller coaster 4-day excursion, and then a week back in Silver City. We did manage a brief visit to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and a hike to Humphrey's Peak - the tallest in Arizona, as well as some smaller hikes. See photographic evidence.

At the North Rim of the Grant Canyon
Dwarfed by an Aspen Grove
Ali, Ben, and I on Humphrey's Peak.  There was still some snow
near the peak despite the AZ sun and June heat.

I returned to Silver City which feels like home, but since I already gave up my apartment, I didn't technically have a house.  I stayed in my friend Amber's guest room and trying to earn my keep by doing dishes, cooking dinner, and putting all the clean dishes away in all the wrong places so that my visit won't soon be forgotten.

On the upside, this change in plans gave me a bit more time to actually plan my drive across the country to New York, take my time on the drive, and say more thorough goodbyes to the people and places I love in southwest New Mexico. I'm currently in Ohio visiting family, so I'll write a post on the entire road trip once I complete it.

A couple of people asked about how to receive blog posts by e-mail.  I've added a feature for this on the right hand side of the page.  Just enter your e-mail address and hit submit and my posts will arrive directly to your inbox.