Wednesday, January 7, 2015

In Pursuit of Injera: Part 1

Hi All!  We are in the midst of the first (and maybe only) big winter storm in Israel and from the way the country's been preparing, you'd think the world might be coming to an end, especially in Jerusalem where it is going to (gasp!) snow.  The wind/rain/hail/lightening has been pretty incredible though.  I asked in Ulpan (Hebrew class) today if there is a Hebrew equivalent to the phrase "It's raining cats and dogs."  Apparently the phrase invokes the term mah-bool, which is used to describe the floods that wiped out the whole earth except for Noah and his ark full of creatures.  So, even winter storms are biblical in the holy land!

This week I had the opportunity to write a post for the Yahel blog.  Yahel is the organization that runs the year-long program in which I'm participating. I wrote about my pursuit of Ethiopian cooking lessons and pose some questions about Ethiopian food culture, impact of immigration to Israel on social support networks, and sources of community resiliency. Check it out here:  While you're there check out the brand new Yahel website, launched this week, and find out more about the organization.

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